International Education Support Center for Engineering, Kyushu University

March 2 – March 18, 2021COIL project with US students at San Jose State University (Japanese language skills required) (for free)

What is COIL? COIL stands for Collaborative Online International Learning.

This is an activity where people living in different countries learn collaboratively through online communication. A small group of about 4 people will have 6 sessions and will work communicating in a mixture of English and Japanese. Students at Kyushu University will use English as much as possible, and students at San Jose State University will use Japanese as much as possible. If communication gets difficult, you can switch to your preferred language.

It’s a good opportunity to learn about American society and the way American college students think. The more effort you put into it, the more COIL will be a satisfying experience.

Dates: March 2 – March 18, 2021 (twice a week, 6 times in total)

Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 8:50am-9:40am (Japan time)

Online tool: Zoom

Target: Japanese students and international students with Japanese language skills enrolled at Kyushu University

Number of applicants: about 12-15

Application: Please apply by filling in the Google form Application deadline: February 10, 2021 (Wednesday)