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Visitors from Rhode Island University

Visitors from Rhode Island University

On the 25th of May 2018 we welcomed a group of visitors from Rhode Island University (RIU), USA, to the school of engineering here at Kyushu University (KU). The visitors were Prof. Maling Ebrahimpour (the head of the economics department), Prof. Shaw Chen (deputy-head of the economics department) and Prof. Shingo Goto. On the Kyushu University side, vice-director Prof. Koichiro Watanabe, vice-dean Prof. Syo Matsumura and school of engineering international education support centre director Prof. John Chen along with two students from Queensland University (QU) in Australia participated in the discussions. Afterwards, there was a tour of the campus, including newly-opened buildings on the Ito campus.

We are looking forward to continuing to strengthen the relationship between our universities' economics and engineering departments.










Top row, from left: Prof. J. Chen (KU),  Rhianna (UQ),  Clint (UQ), Prof. Matsumura (KU)

Bottom row, from left: Prof. Goto (URI), Prof. Ebrahimpour (URI), Prof. S. Chen (URI), Prof. Watanabe (KU)




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