International Education Support Center for Engineering, Kyushu University

About 国際教育支援センターとは


The Faculty of Engineering in Kyushu University established the International Relations Office, School of Engineering in 2010, to help international students and researchers solve various problems to make the most of their academic and research life. In 2017 this became the International Education Support Center for Engineering. In 2021, the center changed the name to Center for International Engineering Education.

Since its inception, the center has provided a range of support to international students and researchers, including offering Japanese classes, career counseling, and international exchange parties. The center has also supported study-abroad and training programs for Japanese students and researchers.

Recently, it has been dedicated especially to supporting the planning and operating of short-term study abroad programs which aim to encourage Japanese students to cultivate a global mindset and take a proactive role in international society in the future. It also provides training programs on the advanced methodology of teaching in English for faculties, and the academic exchanges between Kyushu University and universities overseas such as the Double Degree Program.