International Education Support Center for Engineering, Kyushu University

Japanese Language Education 日本語教育


Kyushu University provides opportunities for international students and foreign researchers to learn Japanese at the International Student Center. This Center offers a wide range of introductory to advanced classes through two types of Japanese language courses.

Japanese Academic Courses (JACs)

These are Japanese language classes for international undergraduate students who aim to earn credits for learning Japanese as part of their academic activities. Classes are offered at eight levels, ranging from introductory to advanced. Kyushu University will award credits and a grade to students upon completion of each course.

Japanese Training Courses (JTCs)

These courses are available primarily for international students - including those at both undergraduate and graduate levels and in the categories of student researchers and exchange students.

These courses are designed for extra-curricular, training purposes; you may consider taking these courses if interested in learning Japanese language as a beginner or in continuing to develop your proficiency in Japanese while pursuing the regular academic work of your major or specialization.

No credit will be awarded at Kyushu University, but a certificate of completion may be conferred at your request upon course completion.

For details on these courses, please click the link below.

In addition, the Faculty of Engineering and the affiliated Center for International Engineering Education offer their own Japanese language courses for undergraduate and graduate students belonging to the School of Engineering, the Graduate School of Engineering or the Graduate School and Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, from introductory level to advanced level. These courses meet the various needs and levels of the students for improving their Japanese in daily, academic or professional life.

How to register

Please refer to the course requirements and register online via Campusmate.

Course Introduction

Survival Japanese (Lecturer/ Natalie Konomi)

Course Period: First semester, Second semester
Credits: 1

Language level: Beginner – Elementary

This course is a Japanese class covering basic Japanese for international students learning Japanese for the first time. The aim of this course is to build survival skills in Japanese supporting daily and academic life. The students will also gain knowledge about Japanese culture and society.

Active Japanese I, II(Lecturer/Mika Tamura)

Course Period: First semester, Second semester


Language level:Pre-intermediate

This course uses the Action-oriented Approach(AoA) as teaching methodology for learning Japanese language. In this method, communication is considered as a social activity designed to accomplish specific tasks and student are active participants in the learning process. By performing a set of tasks in a real-life situation, students will acquire solid speaking skills with which they can effectively communicate their thoughts and have meaningful interaction with the people around them.

Progressive Japanese (Lecturer/Mika Tamura)

Course Period:First semester, Second semester


Language level:Intermediate – Lower Advanced

The course is designed upon Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach where students learn a subject and a second language at the same time. All of the 17 goals of SDGs are covered and some Good Practices to tackle with the challenges will be explored in the class. The class being content focused, students are encouraged to think and learn in Japanese language.