International Education Support Center for Engineering, Kyushu University

Study Abroad 留学情報


Kyushu University and the School of Engineering offer a number of study abroad programs for full-time students, such as exchange programs, short-term study programs, research study abroad programs, internships as well as double degree programs.

Information on study abroad programs can be found on the website of Kyushu University Global Gateways .

The Center for International Engineering Education provides 3 short-term study programs and supports a double degree program with Lund University (Sweden).

  1. ELEP (Engineering Leaders English Program) (USA)(5-week program)
  2. Q2PEC (Qshu-Queensland Program for English Communication) (Australia)(5-week program)
  3. ANGEL (Advanced Program for New Global Engineering Leaders) (various countries)(32 days – 6 months)
  4. Double Degree Program with Lund University (Sweden)

Further information on the above 4 programs can be found on our Center website and in the study abroad pamphlet ‘Global Eye’(Japanese version only).